Time Trial Courses

For safety reasons and for the standardisation of distances time trialling is only done on roads which have been approved for use by the local CTT district committee. Factors which are taken into account in the risk assessment include the safety of the start and finish points, the volume of traffic, the width and surface of the road and the safety of junctions. Obviously courses need to be free of traffic lights or junctions where stopping is likely to be a necessity. They are often of a standard distance such as 10, 25 or 50 miles, but this is not always the case.

In time trialling each approved course is represented by a course code. Unfortunately this can mean that those who do a lot of time trialling often talk in course codes which can seem a bit bewildering - but it is just easy short-hand for those who are heavily into their time trialling! In the Midlands District all the courses start with a ‘K’. You can find the details of all Midlands courses here.