Your best three results will be included in the Series competitions, so riding a minimum of three events is a good idea. But the more events you ride, the better your chances of doing well and winning a medal or trophy!

Remember that unless an event is designated as a 'novices' or club event then you MUST enter it in advance, no later than the Tuesday 11 or 12 days before the event.

Event Date Day Distance Course Time Event Organiser Notes and Entry Details
Event 1 22 April Sat 10 miles  K41/10  14.00  Phoenix Velo  Club event - enter on the day.
Event 2 29 April Sat 10 miles  K41/10  14.00  Coventry CC

Diana Cooke Memorial.  Enter here

Closing date 18 April.

Event 3 6 May  Sat 10 miles  A10/19  14.00  BDCA/Alistair Semple

Enter here

Closing date 25 April.

Event 4 13 May Sat 10 miles  K33/10D  14.00  Beacon RCC

Janet Kelly Memorial. Enter here

Closing date 2 May.

Event 5 10 June Sat 10 miles K33/10D 14.00 Worcester St John CC

Preference on entries to women. Equal women's and men's prize money.

Organiser confirms that no women's entries will be turned away.

Enter here.

Closing date 30 May.

Event 6 17 June Sat 25 miles  A25/11  14.00  Walsall RC

Enter here

Closing date 6 June.

Event 7 12 August Sat 10 miles  K11/10T  14.00  Coventry CC

Enter here

Closing date 1 August.

Event 8 20 August Sun 10 miles  K41/10  15.00  Aerocoach

Enter here

Closing date 8 August.

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