Who's who behind the Series?


Ruth Eyles

Ruth Eyles - Series Founder

I got into cycling about 20 years ago and rode my first open time trial in 1998 after five years of cycle touring around the UK and Europe. I dabbled a bit in road racing and track racing but concluded in the end that I didn't like other people dishing out the pain and suffering to me - I preferred to choose how much I suffered for myself! I ended up being a very keen time triallist for about seven or eight years. If someone had told me when I started out that one day I would ride a 100-mile TT I would never have believed them - which just goes to show that you should never say "never"!

I came up with the idea for the Women's Series back in 2007.

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Anna Wordsworth

Anna Wordsworth - media and comms

I am a triathlete and cyclist who's been participating in the series for a number of years.  I'm a Level 2 triathlon coach for Coventry Triathletes, and an indoor cycling and Wattbike instructor.  I'm actively involved in encouraging women to take up time trialling, and participate in the series. My partner Mark often takes photographs at the series events which are publicly available on our Google+ feed. 



Clair Parfrey - entries and events


Julie Hinds - finance

Steve Lockwood

Steve Lockwood - Website Administrator

I started club cycling in 1969 when I joined the Speedwell Bicycle Club and spent many years time trialling, road racing and track racing.  Most of my recent cycling has been at a more leisurely pace and punctuated with frequent café and pub stops (or would it be more accurate to say the café and pub stops have been punctuated with cycling?).

For the past few years I have maintained several websites connected with local time trialling including the Midland District website, the Midlands Rankings, the Midlands SPOCO (as was) and, more recently, I developed the Midlands club events registration system.  I also became involved with the Veterans Time Trial Association when I was on the working party responsible for updating the veteran's standards.  I now serve as the VTTA's national recorder

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 Nadine Mayhew

Nadine Mayhew - Social Secretary

I got into cycling and racing, thanks to my husband, who took me along with him one evening to a Leamington C&AC time trial. I quite enjoyed it and went on to have a most wonderful time racing. We then had our first child in 2005. After a little break, I continued to race. In 2007, I gave birth to our second child. There again, with the full support of my husband I was able to continue for a number of years, aside being busy working. Whilst both can be done, it can be very tough and in 2011, when our second daughter started Reception, I stopped racing and cycling pretty much altogether. I look back very fondly at my cycling / racing days. I met some very nice people along the way and . There is always someone encouraging and supporting you and in turn I was able to do the same.

This series is great! It has something to offer to all and all levels, hope you can join and enjoy it.